Week 3 HH Training – Floods, Elevation and Duct Tape Wallets

The third week of Hal’s 100 mile training called for a total of 56 miles.  The double 5 mile day was scheduled for Wednesday.  When all was said and done I logged 40.3 miles, but I also made a Duct Tape Wallet.

On Monday, I didn’t run per the schedule and spent time at LifeTime.  It was also the day of the major flood event in Houston.  The bayous were past full so any running would have to be done on sidewalks.  Fortunately my area of town did not see any structures flooded, but my office in the Cypress area did.

Tuesday morning I was able to get my 8 miles in on the sidewalk as well as 5 miles on Wednesday morning.  Both of those days were filled with attempts to access my office and save any personal items from the water, including my “emergency noon time trail running kit”.  Wednesday evening did not afford me an option to complete the daily double due to a Small Group commitment at church.  I really have having trouble fitting in that second run of the day.  That whole life-balance thing reserves the evenings for non-running values like family and church.

Thursday called for 6 miles which again was done in the morning before the world woke up.  Friday morning however I had to travel to Austin for a work meeting, so running had to be postponed.  I wondered all day if I would be able to find time Friday evening.  I hoped to get back from the trip early and fit in a late afternoon run, but that did not happen.  Well, that evening the family went out to eat as-is our Friday custom.  I chose the enchiladas.  Later that evening, a couple hours after eating and after the kids had gone to bed, I chose to knock out the 6 required miles because I didn’t want to get too far behind the mileage total.  I did knock them out, but note to self, don’t run after eating enchiladas – or any Mexican food for that matter.

Saturday morning was time to run with the HATRs.  Since all trails were flooded we decided to meet at the Hobby Center parking garage to run what we in Houston know as hills!  I brought a cooler full of Lemon-Lime Skratch Labs for the runners and all seemed to enjoy the drink.  One guy brought his tire pull apparatus.  I took one trip up and down the 65 feet of vert and was done with that!  It was a fun atmosphere and afterwards I rewarded myself with a frosting filled donut, again supplied by a fellow HATR!  A drawback was only 5 miles, but training called for 15.

At that point for the week I was down 15 miles.  Sunday morning came and my body was really telling me to get some sleep.  I had been up early for two weeks and it was catching up to me.  I slept in and didn’t run at all that morning.  Sunday afternoon I was really concerned about meeting my training goals for the week.  I was supposed to run 11 miles and if I didn’t run I’d be down 26 miles for the week.  No Bueno.  This would be considered a setback for me.  I tried to convince my 9 year old daughter to ride her bike with me and look at the high water in the river.  She did not take the bait.  Instead, she convinced me to make duct tape items instead.  We spent a wonderful afternoon together.  She made a coin purse and I made a sweet wallet.  It was silver and orange and I added stickers from Trail Racing Over Texas, Suffer Better and Skratch Labs.  I dubbed it my trail running wallet.  Money should stay sweat proof in there!

With the completed duct tape projects, I decided to fit in a run before supper.  I often time cook on Sunday night, but convinced the family I could run and then we would hit the Double Daves Pizza buffet for supper.  I had a limited time so the run became a tempo effort.  10 miles in 1:29 gave me an average of less than 9 min-miles.  This was fast for me.  I physically felt great and with the time I felt even better considering I was running through, around, and jumping over puddles and slick mud.  I saw an alligator in the river and a snake on the trail.  I also saw a really long snake that turned out to be a rope.  I made it home just in time to get to the buffet.  Yes.

So, week 3 is done.  I missed 16 miles which is a negative, but I’ll add positives for the hill work and tempo efforts.  Week 4 looks to be high mileage, so the sleep on Sunday morning will be well

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