Week 4 – Of Pain and Rainbows

Week 4 – Of Pain and Rainbows

Week 4 of training for Habanero Hundred was a setback of sorts.  It started badly and ended with indifference.  Not a good week so I’m happy to put it behind me and be getting into week 5.

Monday was the only planned day off and I really felt like my body needed it.  I slept in, avoided the gym and ate right.  In the late afternoon, I was sliding some heavy totes out of the way at work and in the process felt a sharp, intense pain in my left groin, hip joint area.  It was deep inside my leg and felt like a cramp but my entire leg had shooting pain.  I limped back to my office and sat down.  What the heck was that?  I tried to relax and hope it went away, but at 5:00 on my way out to the truck I could not even hardly walk.  This was terrible, I thought.  All I could think about was Bo Jackson and that one routine play that ended his career when he pulled his hip out of joint.

Oddly enough, when I got home I was walking up to the house normally!  No pain.  No limp.  What?  That evening it came back with pain just as intense as before.  Something is really messed up I thought.  I looked at my training for the week and the 63 miles it called for this week.  I’ll have to skip the Tuesday 8 miles and see what happens.

Waking up Tuesday I was hopeful.  Sleeping seemed to have healed me.  I also said some serious prayers the night before though.  I made it pain free until I sidestepped between the bookshelf and wall of my office (remember my office was flooded the week prior and workers had been moving furniture and removing drywall and carpet.)  Damn!  This was going to mess with my training and who knows maybe even mess with the upcoming Wildflower Half in Bastrop in two weeks!  Discouraged and hurt, I spent the rest of the day at work in pity.  Such a humbling experience to one day be running freely then the next barely able to walk.  I still had no idea what happened to cause this pain!

That evening I realized I was getting around well and pain free again.  I made the decision to skip another 8 miles on Wednesday.  I always read to not push an injury, as it will only make the healing take longer.  I prayed that night.  Different than the night before.  This time it was honest and with a humble heart.

Wednesday came and went.  The entire day I was just waiting for that pain again, but guess what?  It never happened!  I told my wife at supper about the miracle.  If I managed to get to bed tonight without a hint of pain, I would give the morning run a go.

Thursday morning, having not run since Sunday, I left the house shortly after 5 am.  Initially I thought this is crazy, figuring I’ll get reinjured a half mile from the house, then limp home only to stay awake so early without ability to fall back asleep. I was only being hopeful that I was truly healed and I could finish the 8 miles.  At mile 3, I felt that I just might be okay!  I decided to push my luck and hit 2 miles of parking garage ramps just to test out the leg.  A-okay!  Made it home after 8 mile elated and injury free!

Throughout the day I was on cloud nine; happy to just be able to walk, but also knowing I made 8 miles without pain.  What had happened on Monday is still a mystery.  I do believe that prayer, and truly humbling prayer, made the difference though.

Friday required 8 miles and with a scheduled breakfast meeting at Black Walnut, I hit the LifeTime next door.  I worked through 8 miles on the treadmill with sweat flying everywhere.  Gross.  I wondered why they were remodeling the flooring in the machine area, but now I know for sure.  Sweat and carpet do not mix!

Late Friday evening I was feeling the effects of the treadmill.  My legs were sore and the joints were achy.  Training called for 20 miles on Saturday, but with the trails still muddy or under water, the HATRs were not meeting anywhere specific.  I hit the snooze several times, eventually making it out for an 11 mile jaunt through a blustery cold front shower then sunny skies with a rainbow in between.

Sunday brought a busy day with my wife’s birthday. Going for a run was certainly out of the question on that day!  I would gladly miss a run to make the day all about her, church and visiting the in-laws.  It was a great day, but as a result of adding another day of non-running, my weekly total was only 26.8 miles. Further than a marathon.  That is all the positives I can pull from that week.

So, as I started, I’m happy to be through this week.  I have no idea what happened with my hip or how it healed so quickly.  That pain was so debilitating, it had to be some kind of pinched nerve or something.  I guess stay tuned for a future blog report of such pain. I certainly hope not and more blogs about rainbows. If you have any idea about my injury, comment below, please.


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