Next 100 Mile Training Starts Today

Today we are in the first week of April and 20 weeks away from my next “A” race, Habanero Hundred on August 20.  Therefore it is time to ramp up the training.  Trail Racing Over Texas puts on the race, so you know it will be legit.  A single runner finished in 2015!

I’ve been base training the past three months averaging 25 miles a week, but more importantly focusing on complete recovery healing and core strength.  Visiting LifeTime Fitness two mornings a week has allowed me to increase strength and flexibility.  In this process I discovered I gained about 5 pounds.  I’m hoping it is all muscle, but I doubt it!

Eating better has also been a focus.  Well at least until our recent spring break cruise.  Come on, all day buffets.  I had no choice.

Sometimes training gets so focused I forget to enjoy the running that I have enjoyed for so many years.  During this time, running for fun was a priority.  I’ve taken on a leadership position with my club, Houston Area Trail Runners (HATR) and have been running with the group consistently again Saturday mornings.   It has been great reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones out on the trail.  That comradery is refreshing for a runner’s soul.  You also remember you are not the only strange trail ultra-runner out there.

012549721af1f8a99e848cf8489994d59bfdc21ea1I’ve got my training schedule set.  I’m using Hal Horner’s 100-miler plan from his book, “Field Guide to Ultrarunning.”  Previously, I’ve used the 50-mile/week plan in “Relentless Forward Progress” by Bryon Powell, but this time I’m trying Hal’s more intense 70-mile/week plan.  Historically, I’ve noticed injury issues when I pass 50 miles per week, but I’m hoping that is history with recent focus at the gym.  So, I’ll continue to visit the gym and the hills of which will actually be running up and down the parking garage near my home.  I’ll add some Fartlek or tempo work, in an attempt to move up the field of racers.  Saturday will continue to include running with the HATRs while Sunday’s will again include an early morning run before church.  If Saturday night gets too crazy, I’ll try an afternoon run alongside my kids on their bikes.  Afternoon runs in the heat will be imperative training for Habanero Hundred!

So here we go.  20 weeks from now I’ll be sweat-deep in the hottest hundred miles in Texas surviving on shear will and Skratch Lab hydration mix.  Stay tuned to see how training progresses.  Comment below with any encouragement!

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