If I have a chance, I’ll take it that chance

I have thrown my name in the hat for a spot at the greatest trail race in the world, Western States Endurance Run.  It is my first year in the lotto, so I have a single entry.  A single chance.  A minuet percentage of being selected, but a chance in any event.  I have a chance to run with the world’s elite trail runners.  What a great concept?!  An average guy who loves running could commit to training, complete a qualifying race and then submit a registration to toe the line with Rob Krar!Western_States_Endurance_Run_patch

I completed Kettle Moraine 100, a Western States qualifying race this past June.  I put so much training into KM100 that after finishing it only made sense to continue training and take the chance with an entry. In this sport, you never now with an injury will sideline you for an extended time or a bad race day on the trail will keep you from completing the next qualifier race.  Now is my chance.  Now is my time.  May lady luck see me through to Squaw!  We will find out December 5th!

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  1. Turns out I didn’t win the lotto. However, it was fun hosting a watch party that Saturday afternoon on the back patio. We talked running and racing. We dreamed of pacing each other at Western someday.
    Without a lotto with this year, I guess next is to find a new qualifying race for next year!

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