Habanero Hundred Training – Week 1

My first week back on a regimented training schedule did not go as I had hoped.  My training plan called for a total of 56 miles over 6 days.  It also included one day with a split workout: an AM and PM run.  My total mileage for the week was 25.15 miles, run over 4 days and including only have of the split workout.

Although I am disappointed, I am not discouraged or concerned.  I did log over 11 miles with the Houston Area Trail Runners on Saturday morning which was a good feeling the vibes of runners on the trail.  Had I run by myself that morning, I may have gone further, but I would not have filled my social run needs.

My Sunday run was nonexistent as I spent the day fishing with my son and father-in-law.  That experience is certainly more important than knocking out 9 miles.  That said, the family went to bed early and I could have ran Sunday evening, but instead chose to watch a documentary on Eric Dickerson.  Not sure I made the right choice there, but Eric was a phenomenal athlete.  Anyone want to buy an Eric Dickerson rookie card?

I visited the gym once, so that was okay.  I plan to visit twice once my body catches up to the planned mileage increase.

Week 2 calls for 55 miles and my work and family schedule this week looks accommodating.  Stay tuned for an update in a week!

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