Habanero 100 Training – Week 2

The second week ends and I am joyful.  I managed to log over 48 miles and my body feels better than it did at the beginning of the week.

The Week #2 training plan by Hal calls for 55 miles with a double 4-mile day on Thursday.  Monday was a rest day and I used it fully.  I slept in and avoided the gym as well.  Recovery days make me feel like I’m cheating, but I have found they are a necessary training task.  Similarly, I have found the full body stretch on the tile floor after a great run is a necessary training task.  Tuesday and Wednesday called for 6 and 8 miles respectively, but I reversed them because of an office Fitbit step challenge on Tuesday.  I’m happy to say it paid off as I won by just over 400 steps.  Yay! I won another exercise ball…

The Thursday double day resulted with only running the morning 4 miles.  I need to figure out a better way to fit in the afternoon/evening portion.  This week my daughter had a soccer practice and I didn’t want to miss that of course.  I did however, step up and participate in a “scrimmage” which gave me some fast-twitch muscle workout, even against those 3rd graders!

Friday was an easy day and I did the required 4 miles on the treadmill followed up by some core/ab work.  I skipped leg work in preparation for the next day’s required 20 miles.  I am shocked by how much stronger my mid-section has become with a little focus.  It can only help me out on the trail!

Saturday was a great run with my Houston Area Trail Runner (HATR) club.  We had a small and fast group at 6AM and we ran through the dark with joy in our hearts.  The 7 and 8 hour runs were more controlled but we felt so good two other joined me for a non-typical 4th outing.  We ended with over 17 miles.  I felt good about it and did not feel much discomfort crawling out of the car once home.  I hadn’t gone over 12 miles in a couple months.  For the rest of the day I stayed busy to keep moving the sore legs and avoid stiffening. It seemed to work as Sunday morning came and I was able to finish the training week with a slow, relaxed 9 miler before church.

So I was only off script the second half of the double day and shortened my social run by 3 miles.  I could have went out for that final 3, but I wanted to be back in time for my daughter’s soccer game.  Having kept to the schedule, I am excited for the training to continue.  The early mornings were easier to wake up for and I have reduce hip discomfort.

Watch out Habanero, here I come.

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