About Me

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I am a runner. I have always been a runner. My first running race happened early in elementary school. I have no idea the length, but our gym class was to run around the four cones. I won the race (after the leader tripped in a gopher hole) and loved the feeling of running success.

In high school I ran track, the 400m specifically. I repeated as conference champion and even competed at the state level. My 4x400m horsemen were my brothers.

As an adult, I continued to run recreationally. I find peace in running amongst a hectic world. In 2003 I attempted and finished my first marathon. Years passed and running became an occasional activity. In 2011 the serious desire to run was ignited again, probably as a response to a mid-life crisis. After racing a couple marathons, I turned my training towards trail running. Trail running offered a softer surface that saves my knees from pavement pounding, but also provided even more solitude and peace running through nature and away from the built environment.

Upon joining a trail running club, the Ultra Marathon scene opened up to me. I was hooked with my first 60K night race in 2013. The following year, I focused my training and completed two 50 mile races. With the success I felt invincible and started my first 100 mile race with confidence. However, after 60 miles, my mental and physical state would not allow me to finish. My first and only DNF.

Humbly I set my sights on another 100 mile race.  I focused my training, both physical and mental.  I finish Kettle Moraine 100 in June 2015 and then in December of 2015, I redeemed myself at the site of that dreaded DNF.

All this has led to where I am today. I am a runner, an Ultramarathon runner. I love to run.  Follow my journey here.